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Synthetic Cannabinoids (K2/Spice) Angry Birds  ; elevated mood; relaxation; altered perception—awareness of surrounding objects and conditions 

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Spice/ K2, Synthetic Marijuana

A Angry Birds synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, K2 Spice is a mixture of plant material sprayed with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. Often looks like potpourri and typically labeled “not for human consumption.” Dangerous to purchase from Internet because its origins and chemical amounts are unknown . The ingredients and strength of products containing synthetic cannabinoids are almost impossible for the user to know.

Street Names Angry Birds

Bliss, Black Mamba, Blaze, Bombay Blue, Fake Weed, Legal Weed, Genie, Zohai, Red X, Dawn Scooby Skunk, Snax,

How is it used?

Smoked using “joints”, pipes, E-cigarettes, as a tea

How does it affect the body?

Paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, and giddinessAddictiveIncrease in heart rate and blood pressureConvulsions, organ damage, or death ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

K2 Spice Spray

K2 spice spray – Synthetic Marijuana, commonly known as Spice, K2, or Synthetic Cannabinoids, is a chemically engineered plant narcotic that has mind-altering effects that are equivalent to or stronger than marijuana. Synthetic Marijuana is made up of compounds that are made to look like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive element in marijuana. Spice is frequently smoked, but it can also be used in drinks and edibles.

In other words, K2 spice spray is a designer drug in which lab-made liquid chemicals are sprayed on herbs or some other leafy materials to be precise to simulate the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC). Which of the following is the active ingredient in marijuana or cannabis?

This drug was created to replicate the effects of the original, illicit substance. K2 spray, the strongest k2 spray on paper or the strongest k2 spray for sale, is widely marketed or given in little quantities marked “not for human use.” To get around rules restricting the sale of synthetic marijuana, the vendors are blinded.

How to buy K2 spice spray Angry Birds

Many young people are to K2 spice spray because they falsely think it is safer than marijuana — or that using it would not get them in trouble because it is legal. The reason is that k2 spice does not show up on most drug tests, it is an excellent option for individuals who are concerned about being caught.

Now! that’s where we come in. You can buy this product from us safely and discreetly from our online shop now at very affordable prices.

We are always online and ready to attend to your needs at your own convenience. Not forgetting the quality of our product and service.

Fun facts about K2 spray

K2 spray or K2 spice spray is made by spraying a mixture of up to 100 different liquid chemicals with Acetone onto dried, shredded plant material. These chemicals are generated at the request of distributors by commercial chemistry laboratories, mainly in China and the Pacific.

Also, k2 liquid spray on paper has the potential to be more strong and has more hazardous adverse effects than natural THC. Furthermore, because this drug is usually sold as incense and branded “not for human use,” marketers can get around legislation to get it into the hands of the general people.

Synthetic marijuana or k2 spice spray can be smoked using pipes or joints, evaporated through e-cigarettes, or made into tea.

Synthetic marijuana is referred to by a variety of names on the street, including:

Fake cannabis, K2, Spice, k2 spray, herbal incense, moon rocks, and black mamba are just a few examples. These names have grown to reflect the bright image depicted on the container in which they are sold, such as Scooby Snax.

Liquid K2 on Paper

K2 paper, also known as K2 spice paper, is a simple A4 piece of paper with K2 liquid embedded in it. These are the best-hidden drugs these days because cops have a much harder time catching them.

Some of the popular K2 liquids papers are Bizarro k2 liquid on paper,K2 Liquid On Paper Diablo k2 liquid spray on paper, Cannabinoid-C liquid spray on paper, K2 spice-infused paper, Fentanyl infused papers, Shine gold cannabis-infused papers, Liquid JWH infused paper, Research chemicals infused paper, LSD infused paper, Code 69 liquid incense on paper, Black label incense on paper, Cannabis-infused papers, K2 e-liquid spray on paper, Diablo k2 paper

People enjoy smoking this paper in a variety of ways. Online stores that offer secure shipping to your door can easily be used to purchase liquid K2 on paper.

K2 liquid, also known as Spice Liquid, is a liquid extracted in a laboratory under the supervision of qualified personnel from synthetic cannabis. Because the liquid is made of a combination of chemicals, it is critical to only use the recommended amount for the pleasure of smoking. It is suitable for use in both cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Liquid K2 on Paper and other online retailers sell buy K2 liquid on paper

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